About Us

The Wills Law Help is a joint effort by Australia’s legal services providers to make it easy for Australian to get online information about Wills Law Services programs, services, and topics.¬†Wills Law Help legal services programs:

  • People 60 years old and older
  • People who meet income guidelines
  • In some cases, people who are victims of domestic violence

Legal services programs offer free legal representation to qualified clients facing a number of civil legal problems. We do not provide criminal defense representation. We handle public benefits, housing, unemployment compensation, family, consumer, education, employment, health and other matters.

It is our goal to act as general counsel to our client community. We are committed to searching out the patterns, causes, and solutions of the recurring and fundamental legal problems facing our client community, and seeking legal recourse necessary to redress the grievances of our clients, both as a community and as individuals.